Some people have tried to buy a home before and were turned down, this may be a great opportunity for them. With our unique system I may be able to help them get approved.  We have some great Flat Stone Capital homes for sale and I'm willing to work with them to make potential buyers into proud owners!

Fantastic Buyers.

Amazing homes.

There are many reasons why people wants to sell.  For example if you've outgrown your home, need more room, if your house is too big and want to move to a smaller place, if you want to move closer to or farther away from family, job transfers, headed to foreclosure, estate sales, or you just simply want to sell.  Take a look at some of the Flat Stone Capital Homes for sale that we have had!  Flat Stone Capital in Florida would be interested in taking a look at your single family homes for sale!

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties"    Erich Fromm

                Flat Stone Capital Homes For Sale

At Flat Stone Capital I believe in being creative.  Which allows people to have the courage to take a leap into accomplishing their goals.  As Erich Fromm says, "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."  As a creative investor I am able to create the sale and purchase of a home to be a win-win situation for property owners and buyers!  I am an investor who purchases homes by arranging creative, legal and ethical ways to buy properties or assume mortgages from people who are wanting to sell.  I always looking for a great home to invest in, not only to make a profit, but to help a buyer to become a homeowner as well. I look at several properties and I do my best to make the best deal that I possibly can for the seller and the buyer. I understand that everyone's needs are different therefore not everyone's needs can be met. However, I'll work to make it the best deal that I am able to offer for you!